Interview with Brad Pitt

Interviewer: Hello,Pitt?

Pitt: Hi Adams.

Interviewer: Thank you for taking some time for us.

Pitt: I am very glad to be your guest․

Interviewer: Can you tell us about a typical day in your life? What time do you get up?
Pitt:  Year, Sure. :  I get up every day at 6 o’clock and go to the pool. Then I swim from 7 o’clock to 9o’clock. Then at 10 o’clock I have breakfast. I have a small breakfast. After breakfast, I go to the gym.

Interviewer: Are you studying anything now?
Pitt: Yes, I’m studying a dialogue for a new film called “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”.

Interviewer: What do you do in the afternoon?
Pitt:  I have lunch, then I go to the studio.

Interviewer: What are you doing at the studio today?
Pitt: I’m acting out a scene about a best friend.

Interviewer: That’s very interesting. What do you do in the evening?
Pitt: In the evening I go home, have dinner with my family ,watch TV and I usually go to bed at 12 o’clock.

Interviewer: Do you go out at night?
Pitt: Not always, I like going out at weekends.

Interviewer:Thank you. That’s a busy day!

Pitt: Thank you too, Adams.

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